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Greek Green Pitted Olives - Case of 12

Greek Green Pitted Olives - Case of 12

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Our Green Halkidiki Olives are a big hit.

Excellent quality at best value. After public demand we are now able to post you a case of 12 jars at best value and long life.

Our green Halkidiki pitted olives are stored in a vinegar and brine solution and have a net weight of 350g per glass jar (180gr drained).

The ample flesh is firm and juicy, while the flavour is noticeably mild and pleasant, making their consistency just right.

Works great in salads or as a snack with a glass of wine.

What makes SkapEti Olives Unique?

We brought Olives to the market after many of our customers wanted us to source similar quality products to our Olive oil. 

We travelled the whole of Greece and found producers and partners that share the same values as us and their products are of amazing quality and standards, nutrient rich, 100% natural and full of flavour.

Our Green olives are the Halkidiki variety which is the north part of Greece and is globally known for its quality Olives. Our partner is a family owned company that’s works with independent small producers and takes pride in their quality and taste. 

 These Green olives are not to be missed! Try them now.

Skapeti Green Halkidiki Olives

Halkidiki are green olives that are large and oval-shaped. Their size has lead to them being called “donkey olives.” The Halkidiki Greek olives are processed through brine curing that gives them a meatier texture. The Halkithiki olive is produced in Halkidiki Peninsula of Greece where the climate is perfect and the soil is rich
Thanks to these ideal conditions, this olive is considered one of the superior table olives produced in Greece. The olives are harvested from the middle of September until the end of October. Many of the Halkithiki Greek olives are harvested while young and still green.
Halkidiki olives are cured with a natural brine fermentation, which is water, sea salt, and sometimes lactic acid. This process is what gives the olives their meaty texture and tart flavor
The Halkidiki olive is plump and tastes fruity, buttery, and briny. There is a subtle sour taste to the olive as well as a light peppery taste.

Our Promise 

The olive market is vast, full of choice and price-ranges. There are hundreds of Olive listed brands out there. We pride ourselves on quality control and sustainable productions.

We aim to support local, small independent producers that will help them maintain their production and hopefully bring families back to the villages to continue the production for generations to come. 

Independent producers with proud production and quality standards that offer un-altered, 100% authentic products are under extinction. High production and maintenance costs force small producers to either sell their estates to larger corporation or stop the cultivation process.

 We aim to stop that where we can.

Green Halkidiki Olives - Some key facts

  1. Wonderful Source of Nutrients
    They are a rich source of omega fatty acids, iron, copper, and vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant helps to fight against free radicals that damage cells in the body. They are also anti-inflammatory and may help prevent arthritis.
  2. Taste
    The Halkidiki olive is plump and tastes fruity, buttery, and briny. There is a subtle sour taste to the olive as well as a light peppery taste.
  3. Pairing
    The Halkithiki Greek olive pairs well with sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, and feta. They are a nice addition to snack plates and can be enjoyed on their own as well. Halkithiki olives also go nicely with hummus. They can also be stuffed with ingredients including blue cheese, almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, and anything else that one may enjoy with olives

Want to know just how good our olives can taste?

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