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About Us

My name is Panos. I was born into a farming family, raised on the mountainous slopes of a remote village in the Peloponnese, a few hours’ drive from Athens, Greece, in the shade of olive groves. My family has been farming olives for over four generations. It has always been part of my life. We are planters, pickers and producers. A family that knows only the finest quality.

Harvest was always the best time of year. It was full of laughter, joy, song and dance as my grandparents, aunts and uncles, all came together to pick the olives. These would then be taken to the mill, ready for pressing. As a young boy, I would watch patiently with a warm piece of bread at the end of the press, for that first drop of olive oil – like a warm embrace, ready for winter’s arrival. These are memories that have always stayed with me. Whenever I open a bottle of SkapEti, I think back to these wonderful times, barefoot in the warm soil, under an olive tree, waiting in anticipation.

The word SkapEti derives from the original name of my ancestral village, home to our Single Estate olive farm. On the slopes of the mountain, overlooking the sea, our estate provides ideal conditions for impeccable quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Myth has it, SkapEti means Pinnacle – most fitting for our product.

When I moved to London, I quickly realised there was no olive oil quite like my family's. There truly is no place like home. As I travelled back and forth between London and Greece, I brought back more and more oil. It was an instant hit with friends and colleagues. They too noticed the special qualities of SkapEti’s slopes. They wanted great taste, and I was happy to provide. Since then, we have gone from strength-to-strength.

SkapEti Olive oil is rich and earthy in flavour. We are a family founded on olive groves, passionate about every drop, in every bottle. It’s this key ingredient that makes our product so special.

We offer an exceptional collection of unfiltered, Single Estate, Extra Virgin Olive Oil – also available organically. We believe our product lives up to its name. It is the purest form available, embodying great taste and a collection of healthy attributes. For us, this is how olive oil should be. You might say the pinnacle.