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Kalamata Greek Olives  - Case of 12

Kalamata Greek Olives - Case of 12

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The king of olives in a case of 12.

With best before date in 2024 and ambient storage requirements this is a special purchase for excellent value that can be savored at home and offered as gifts.

Our superior-grade pitted Kalamata olives are immersed in a red wine vinegar brine within a glass jar and a net weight of 350g- 180g drained.

Named after the city of Kalamata, based in the Peloponnese, these well-known Greek olives are soft and fleshy to the bite and full of fruitiness.

What makes SkapEti Olives Unique?

We brought Olives to the market after many of our customers wanted us to source similar quality products to our Olive oil. 

We travelled the whole of Greece and found producers and partners that share the same values as us and their products are of amazing quality and standards, nutrient rich, 100% natural and full of flavour.

Our Kalamata olives are from Pelloponnese Kalamata region and are part of the Kalamon Variety olives. Our partner is a family owned company that’s works with independent small producers and takes pride in their quality and taste. 

 These could be the best quality Kamlamata olives there are out there!! Try them now!

Skapeti  Kalamata Olives

Kalamata Greek olives are part of the Kalamon variety. They are named after the region where they are produced in Messinia, near the town of Kalamata, in the Peloponnese. They are harvested by hand in the nearby area of Laconia. The climate of extended periods of sunshine is ideal for growing Kalamata olives. 
They are picked when still green during the late fall. This is the perfect time for them to be harvested as they can also be made into olive oil. Kalamata Greek olives are almond in shape and dark purple in color
They are very bitter olives when first picked, so they cannot be eaten right away. The red wine vinegar brine solution they are put in helps the fermentation process and gives them their fruity, wine-like flavor. This process takes a few months. When this process is complete, they are perfect for eating.
Our Kalamata olives taste wonderful! They possess a rich flavor thanks to all of that natural oil, and have a slightly fruity taste.

Our Promise 

The olive market is vast, full of choice and price-ranges. There are hundreds of Olive listed brands out there. We pride ourselves on quality control and sustainable productions. 

We aim to support local, small independent producers that will help them maintain their production and hopefully bring families back to the villages to continue the production for generations to come. 

Independent producers with proud production and quality standards that offer un-altered, 100% authentic products are under extinction. 

High production and maintenance costs force small producers to either sell their estates to larger corporation or stop the cultivation process.

We aim to stop that where we can.

Kalamata Olives - Some key facts

  1. Wonderful Source of Nutrients
    Kalamata Greek olives are very nutritious. They are a good source of fibre, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, E, and K. They are a good source of healthy fat and natural antioxidants. Regular consumption of Kalamata Greek olives has the potential to reduce chronic inflammation.
  2. Taste
    Kalamata olives are harvest ripe unlike Green olives. They possess a characteristic soft yet meaty texture which is easy to appreciate in a bowl of mixed olives.
  3. Pairing
    Kalamata Greek olives pair nicely with salads of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, and feta cheese. They are a great addition to a cheese plate or antipasta platter. Kalamata Greek olives also go well on a cheese pizza and on pita triangles with feta. Bread and Kalamata olives alone are a fasvourite to many people.   Kalamata olives contain a healthy dose of fat and other nutritional benefits. 

Want to know just how good our olives can taste?

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