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5 L Tin EVOO and Olives Jars bundle
5 L Tin EVOO and Olives Jars bundle
5 L Tin EVOO and Olives Jars bundle

5 L Tin EVOO and Olives Jars bundle

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All of our products in one sweet bundle.

Perfect for trying our products if you have not yet done so and for presents for family and friends.

One bottle of 500 ml premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one 370 ml Green Halkidiki and one 370 ml Kalamata olives both of great taste.

Enjoy all three for more than 20% discount. 

Our Promise 

The olive market is vast, full of choice and price-ranges. There are hundreds of Olive listed brands out there.

We pride ourselves on quality control and sustainable productions. We aim to support local, small independent producers that will help them maintain their production and hopefully bring families back to the villages to continue the production for generations to come. 

Independent producers with proud production and quality standards that offer un-altered, 100% authentic products are under extinction. High production and maintenance costs force small producers to either sell their estates to larger corporation or stop the cultivation process.

We aim to stop that where we can.  

Want to know just how good our products can taste?

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